Friday, April 4, 2014

Bachelor party #throughback

Tonight is the bachelor party for the upcoming wedding. Groomsmen and friends are bringing some liquid gifts and will party all night. I'm sure it will get pretty wild ;-)

And why not? I had a blast at my bachelorette party last November.

My SIL planned on just taking me out for a couple of drinks. This "spontaneous" idea turned into a whole event that also my FMIL and my aunts and future-cousin attended.

We went to a cozy little bar across the street for karaoke night. Oh, how I love karaoke. It was so much fun! Having yummy drinks, singing, laughing. It was a great time!! My absolute favorites are: Don't stop believing (Journey), Marry you (Bruno Mars), everything by the Backstreet Boys, Survive (Gloria Gaynor).... and so on....

Tiara and a sash, both in pink ♥ and ready to get this party started!
My dear SIL and I :-*

Wishing the guys a fun, great night tonight and a not too bad hangover!
Lasst es richtig krachen!! ;-)

xoxoxo Gracie

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