Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bridesmaid dress shopping at David's

At a Bridal Expo last month I made an appointment for last Wednesday to go see their selection of bridesmaid dresses. My dear SIL, who will be my Maid of Honor is always thrilled to accompany me to those events ;)

Since the wedding (or better our vow renewal) won't be before Spring 2016 we didn't plan on purchasing anything, but checking out the different styles won't hurt either.This gives me a feel for different fabrics, hem and neck lines that I will choose from. 

We arrived at the bridal store with 20 minutes to spare and headed straight for the racks. Sarah, our consultant for the day, was very attentive and helpful. From a catalog we picked out 9 dresses in different styles to make sure I get to see every possibility that I might like.

Our picks included:

all pictures by David's Bridal

We had a blast! She, trying on dresses; me, taking pictures of the dresses from different angles. After about an hour we were done. Exhausted, but happy and with some visions for my dear bridesmaids.

My favorites were chiffon material and long. Even though I always thought short would be the way to go.  

xoxoxo Gracie

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