Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dress shopping

Who doesn't know that feeling:
There is an important event coming up, you need to look great and you know there is nothing in your closet to wear.

The #1 war plan that comes to mind is SHOPPING.
So you head out to the store and find absolutely nothing. Why? I don't understand it.
Other times you just go for fun and find so many incredible pieces, but you know there wont be any occasions coming up to wear them.

It's like a "Teufelskreis" (doom loop)

So on that particular Saturday I went shopping with my SIL for an upcoming wedding. Upcoming meaning: two weeks away. Argh!! The first store we went into was so crowded, we immediately started to hid the racks. She in her size, I'm in mine. In the end we managed to snatch 4 dresses each to try on.

Why is it that the first dress you pull the best one is? I'm not sure, but it did fit very well. SIL found also something she liked and added a cute little bow belt to it.

I'm super excited to get all dolled up and go to a beautiful wedding, espescially since I already have shoes and hair figured out. ;)
I really hope it will warm up a little bit more than just the 55 degrees they call for :/  

xoxoxo Gracie

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