Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Silverleaf Resorts

We went to Silverleaf Resorts in the Starved Rock area to attend a presentation. At a bridal expo a couple weeks ago we got talked into attending it in exchange for a free trip. Who would have said NO to a free trip, right!?

So we left in the morning. It was about an hour drive and it was gorgeous outside. Chilly but so nice to see the sun and having the tinsyest feeling of this years spring season.

Silverleaf Resort, a little bit hidden, turned out to be a really nice place to spend some time.
 They have mini golf, golf, horse back riding, an indoor swimming pool, picnic areas and a new indoor water park that will open this summer.

The main goal of this presentation was to get us to sign up for a life long time share. Even though we decided not to buy or sign anything at that event before hand, we did consider that amazing deal they offered us.

After some consideration and 5 minutes alone DH and I decided it was not the right time to get this time share. Maybe next time, since a time share like that would benefit us!

Excited to be done and to receive the free trip we made our way to the "gift center".
You might be treated like royalty in the beginning but once you are done, without buying a time share you get to wait 45 minutes till your up. The wait wasn't to bad though. We got to see Finding Nemo, which I haven't seen yet. 

Once it was our turn to receive the gift it went by super quickly. The gifter filled out his charts and made sure that we are the right people and handed us our 5 (!) gifts.

We got in exchange:
- our $40 deposit back
- a day-pass for that day at the resort
- a $100 Restaurant.com gift card
- a weekend trip
- a scatch off ticket which turned into a vacation getaway

We were blown away. We did know about the weekend trip, which was already so worth spending a day and listening to the sales pitch. But all the other things were just the icing on the cake.

I'm so excited to go on those trips and bring back awesome pictures from a great time.

xoxoxo Gracie 

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