Thursday, April 10, 2014

The universe of subscription boxes

I have been following the hype for a while now and decided that it's time to join in on the fun!
First thing I had to do, was to find the right box for me.
It sounds easier than it is, considering the amount of boxes out there.

Sure, I knew about the obvious once, like olia box, ipsy box, birchbox, popsugar, bark box...
But honestly I had not the smallest clue. On my hunt I found This website has its viewer rate different boxes and that's were I found out "There is a whole subscription box universe out there!!"

You can get a subscription for almost anything:
  • Art
  • Beauty
  • Clothing
  • College life
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Jewelry
  • Lifestyle
  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Wedding 
  • and many more...
I knew I wanted to learn more about make up and so it was easy for my to choose at least the category: Beauty. Now I had again a ton of choices I felt. I checked out some of the reviews of my favorite youtubers and finally eleventhgorgeous' monthly unboxing videos of the ipsy and birchbox helped me decide.

I would highly recommend to check out box reviews on youtube. You can get a feel of what it is and if it will be worth the money for you.

So, I am gonna give it a try and have subscribed to...

picture by

My first bag is supposed to arrive mid April and I hope I can get an "unboxing" post out :)

xoxoxo Gracie

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