Friday, April 25, 2014

Experience with World Education Services

65 days.
This is how long it took me to receive my transcripts in the mail.

Knowing that I would like to continue my academic path for a while I had to provide my school of choice with transcripts not only translated into the English language, but especially evaluated from the German System into the American System.

My research lead me to WES. World Education Services is an agency in New York that provides their customers with an credential evaluation of their foreign degrees.

The following steps had to be made:
  • contact school, explain process: are they willing to help me out?
  • prepare package for each school with copy of report card, precise, word-for-word, English translations, academic transcript request form and an envelope with stamp addressed to WES in NY
  • apply online for an evaluation by creating an account
  • pay the fee
  • wait ...
The waiting game was the hardest. I could never be 100% sure if i provided enough postage or if the envelopes would get lost in the mail. Thankfully it all turned out great and WES received my transcripts about 4 weeks later; letting me know through email. The evaluation process itself only took about 7 business days. And I was very surprised when I checked my online account on April 9th, that I could see the results right away.

I am very satisfied with the outcome and the process. And I would recommend to use WES for that matter even though there are a ton of bad reviews out there.My advise is to contact your school and make sure you follow exactly the steps WES needs you to.

xoxoxo Gracie

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